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he International League of Competition Law (LIDC) is a long standing association which focuses on the study of competition (antitrust) law, intellectual property law and unfair competition, both at the national and international levels. It promotes the principles of fairness and justice in competitive trade.

The main members of the LIDC are National and Regional Groups which adhere to the objectives of the LIDC and participate in its activities.

Every year, the LIDC organises a congress to examine two typical questions related to competition (antitrust) law, intellectual property law and/or unfair competition. National and Regional Groups contribute reports on each question. These constitute the basis of an in-depth report and a draft resolution prepared by the International Rapporteur which are discussed during the congress. The debate is concluded by the passing of a resolution on each question by the General Assembly of the LIDC. The resolutions propose solutions to the problems examined and contain recommendations addressed to the authorities.

During the annual congress of the LIDC, guest speakers present selected topics.

The LIDC publishes on its website the resolutions, international and national reports, as well as an electronic review (ERIC). To visit the LIDC website, click here.

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